Fire Protection Solutions

Fire Protection Solutions

If you are responsible for a residential or commercial building, you also have a duty to ensure the extreme safety precautions for the occupants of that property. As experts in the fire industry, we understand the need for high quality Fire alarm systems and have seen the destruction that inadequate systems can have!!
In commercial buildings fire alarms are not just necessary for the obvious practical benefits, they are also a necessity by law and in order to fulfill all your legal and contractual obligations you must ensure you have effective, high quality Fire alarm systems. We provide a variety of fire alarm services, including:

Fire alarm systems

We supply everything you need for your system and ensure it is the most
suitable choice for your application.

Fire alarm installation

Our highly trained team is capable of first class installations, ensuring your
alarms are fitted professionally.

Fire alarm maintenance

Our experts provide regular maintenance checks, ensuring your systems are working correctly, and any faults can be swiftly and successfully repaired.

`` Because Fire alarm systems are so important when it comes to keeping your building safe, quarterly Fire alarm system inspections are absolutely essential.``

Here at UCD, we provide a comprehensive Fire safety service and, as such, manage, install and maintain Fire alarm systems. We only use the most established manufacturers and our extensive range of equipment includes Fire alarm panels, detectors, calls points and advanced wireless Fire detection. Whether you want a new, complete installation or you wish to add to an existing system.

As high quality suppliers of Fire detection equipment, we have earned a reputation for our reliability,professionalism and competitively low prices. So give us a call today and take advantage of the benefits we can offer you! Our friendly team can provide you with expert help and assistance every step of the way.

Fire Alarm Installation Services

Apart from the obvious practical benefits, high quality Fire alarms are a necessity by law. We work in accordance with all Fire safety regulations and carry out top class installations to their exacting standards. The regular inspections we conduct ensure that your Fire alarms are always working perfectly granting you complete peace of mind.The team at UCD is all highly trained professionals with a wealth of experience, ensuring your Fire alarm needs are dealt with by the most capable people. We work in accordance with all Fire safety regulations, ensuring you fulfill all your legal requirements.

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